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Saigon de l'Ouest

Saigon de l'Ouest

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Product Description

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Product Details

Coconut and soy wax blend with braided cotton wick, in smoked gradient glass tumbler with embossed label. Comes in embossed matte carton with label. 7.5 ounces (190g). 3.4 inches (8.6cm) tall. Roughly 40 hour burn time.

These candles won't self-care themselves. Learn about candle care here.

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Candle Care

How do I prevent sooting and excessive smoke?

Trim the wick to about 1/4 inch before each use. This prevents excessive soot, uneven burning, and ensures a clean, controlled flame.

How do I prevent tunneling in my candles?

To prevent tunneling, allow your candle to burn long enough for the entire surface to melt during each use, typically 1 hour per inch of diameter. This ensures an even wax pool and prevents tunneling.

Can I leave a candle burning unattended?

Can I reuse or repurpose candle jars once the candle has burned down?

Yes, candle jars can be repurposed after cleaning out the remaining wax. Use hot, soapy water to remove any residue, and you'll have a stylish container for storing small items.